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GTForex is the place to manage your Forex account. We are able to manage all your DEPOSITS and WITHDRAWALS and also offer a way for you to manage your transactions on one page. Before you start using GTForex, you need to know that GTForex is not a Forex Broker. Our staff are unable to educate you on how to Trade or what Broker to Trade with. Please do not ask our staff to explain how to Trade as it is illegal for us to offer any form of advice regarding Forex Trading. We are here to handle your money only.

We are able to place funds in any payment gateway that your forex broker accepts. We could place your funds in Neteller, Skrill or PerfectMoney, PayPal so that you could fund your broker with the funds.

Below is a list of the Forex Brokers you would be able to fund directly from your GTForex account. If your preferred Forex Broker is not listed on this page, please see our eCurrency page to use any of the Currencies listed and we should fund you within 5mins where stock is available.

Are You A Trader?

If you trade Forex and your broker is not listed here, why not let them know that you would like to process your transactions with GTForex? With us, you will be able to make deposits in your local currencies, pay money into a local bank, do a wire transfer to us and we fund your forex account. When you receive money from your broker, we would process that money into your local bank. You no longer need to sign-up with other payment gateways just to manage your forex account. If you are not already a member of GTforex, sign-up here now.

Are You a Broker?

If you'd like to be listed on this page so that our users could send money to you from African Countries including Nigeria, please get in touch with us now. We have a simple API that you can use to automate both deposits/withdrawals and we are confident GTForex is all you need to increase your reach in Africa. If you are looking for a deeper integration, our developers are able to work with you to automate the addition of your users to the GTForex secure database so they do not need to go through sign-up again in GTForex.

How to use a Forex Broker?

You can use any of OUR Awards Winning Forex Broker to process open mt4 or mt5 account, deposit and withdraw for yourself with their payment methods or use local currencies supported by GTForex. It's easy to do.

  • 1. Check out the Brokers accepted by the GTForex payment system in the list below.
  • 2. Choose the Broker and payment method you'd like to use.
  • 3. Contact the Broker yourself directly for more information on how to transfer money to them, do your due diligent and make research for the safety of your funds, GTForex will not be liable for any issue or loss of your funds in the Brokers platform or if the Broker goes into Bankruptcy.
  • 4. Send your funds to the Broker or GTForex payment system. The deposited funds, after the payment system's commission, will show up in your account.

Apply to become a GTForex Broker to use our services contact us NOW.
IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER – is not affiliated with any of the Brokers listed above. Each Broker operates as an independent service provider and is not endorsed, guaranteed or otherwise approved by GTExchanger Ltd. CUSTOMERS DEAL WITH BROKERS AT THEIR SOLE RISK AND PERIL. Customers are advised to check the credentials of Brokers before sending them any money. GTForex shall not in any circumstance be held responsible for transactions made between customers and brokers.

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