Give Me 20 Minutes Right Now And I’ll Show You How I Am Pulling $1-$250 A Day Out of a Single Chart Trading a Single MICRO Lot AND How Anyone With An Account Balance of $100 To $100000 Can Do The Same

Are You Frustrated By Go-Nowhere Currency Pairs That Just Don’t Seem To Have Any Momentum and Volatility? Learn About A Single Simple Change You Can Make In Your Trading Charts That Will Put You In The Driver’s Seat And Guide You Drive Well In The Market!

If You Are a Real Forex Trader And What You See Here Doesn’t Get Your Heart Racing Over All The Possibilities, Then You Might Need To Admit To Yourself That You HATE Money

You already know how tough it is to trade Forex profitably.  There are hours and even days when charts remain flat.  Prices can spike when you least expect it and either they take you out at your stop loss or they make 30-40 pip moves when you aren’t in any trades.  You can have a couple of great winning days in a row and then BOOM! You give it all back plus some when price action starts working against you.

But as an experienced Forex trader, this also means you’ve picked up some valuable skills along the way, and it would be an absolute bad if you didn’t put those skills to good use when you have the chance.
And this is that chance.
Because many Forex brokers have recently started adding CFDs to the list of available charts you can now trade through your Forex broker (and Yes, several of them accept US “EURUSD” and Canadian “USDCAD” based clients).


Are You Trading To Make Money or Lose Money?

Look, I seriously doubt you got involved in Currency Trading because you were looking for creative ways to lose money.
Yet that seems to be the end result for traders who insist on focusing all of their time and energy and trading funds exclusively on Currency pairs.
Hopefully you’re not one of them.
But if you are, you can either keep doing what’s obviously not working (focusing solely on currency pairs) or you can put in a little time and effort (and very little of each, I might add) learning to trade CFDs and finally start seeing some positive returns on your investment.


If You’re Being Honest With Yourself Right Now, You Know This Is The Path You Should Be Exploring

Because let’s face facts: if what you were doing as a Forex trader was working, you wouldn’t be reading this right now, would you.
If you were trading with a system or method that was consistently winning, you wouldn’t quit using it and stop consistently making money to go looking for something new to try, would you?
You’d be scaling up your lot sizes and making crazy serious profits to your bank account with your current trading rules.


And Just To Give You A Quick Glimpse Right Now, Here Are A Couple Of Trades I took On The EURUSD, USDCAD, USDJPY, USDCHF And On The USOil Chart

I don’t know if you can read the “results” from the trades, which is the trade from our Manual Trading System and EA/Robot.  The system made over $4,800 in 1 account of $20,000. While in Account of $100 it made over %100 in less than 2 months, see results below:




%100 ROI Not bad for less than 2 months “work”.
Now I know what you’re thinking.


So If This Works So Well, Why Isn’t Everyone Trading This Way?

Look, everyone has their own excuses and reasons, which are as varied as the people who offer them.
But it all boils down to basic human psychology.
The human animal is a “herd” Mammal.  We like hanging out in groups.  We want to be accepted by our peers.  We don’t want to risk being thrown out of the group because we decided to “go our own way.”
Read any human psychology books, from entry level to highly advanced, and you’ll see these findings repeated over and over and over again.
Now, just for fun, jump over to YouTube and take a look at the various training videos being offered by one “guru” or another on trading the EURUSD, USDCAD, USDOIL or S&P 500.  They are all a little bit different in how they approach trading, but at the same time, they are also all very much the same.
They all use time based charts.  They all tell you to make sure you add a MACD or RSI or Stochastic or (Fill in the name of your favorite indicator here) (yes, I meant to type that).  Make sure you focus on Volume.  Or make sure you ignore volume.  Trade with the PRICE ACTION.  Or don’t!
No matter what advice you are finding online (especially for FREE!) you’ll find some competing advice telling you the exact opposite, also online and also for FREE!
98% of the free training videos and advice you’ll find scattered across YouTube and in all those waste of time trading groups on Facebook are all based on the same concept, called Conventional Wisdom.


What is Conventional Wisdom?

It’s that advice passed along from one trader to another and followed blindly, regardless of the damage that advice inflicts upon trade account balances, win/loss records, trader psychology, etc., but which has been around for so long it’s accepted at face value without hesitation or questioning.


GTSYSTEM MANUAL AND ROBOT OR EA, Has Been In The Market Since 2010 I SOLD Over Thousands Of Copies AND Withdrew It BACK For Over 5 Years, We Release New Version To Counter Conventional Wisdom That Is Making Traders To Loss?

I released the New GTSystem upgraded version base on the market trends and the demand for some traders that have use the system.


BUT BE WARNED: There Is A Very Strict Limit I Am Placing On This Trading System And Training. And This Is Why I’m Limiting It.

If I allowed this training to get out to the masses, even a small group of 500-1000 traders all using the same broker could completely overwhelm the charts and create an imbalance that the brokers would address by simply dropping that chart (or CFDs entirely) from their offerings, which is the last thing we want to have happen.

They Say If Something Sounds Too Good To Be True…

I understand where that attitude comes from.  I’ve been teaching Forex to students all over the world since 2010.  I’ve even written a book on Trading Forex that sold well when they were released.
What that means is I’ve been around, and in this case I’ve been around enough to have seen 101+ different failed Forex products being pushed on the unsuspecting trader.
So frankly approaching everything in Forex from a place where you are at least a little suspicious makes a lot of sense.
So if you seriously question what I’ve said here today and your own independent review of the CFD charts offered by your broker didn’t completely convince you this is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity, then look at it this way.
If I was deceiving everybody here, wouldn’t it make more sense to try and sell as many people as I could before I ran off with all the money? Why limit myself to just 100 packages?  If I’m a deceiver, I’m deceiving myself even worse than I’m deceiving my buyers by cutting off sales so soon.
But this is not Fake.  As I mentioned a little bit ago, I put this together originally a couple of years ago but abandoned the project when Sold enough out.
I picked it back up again this year when one of the original traders I shared it with asked if I could put something similar together for FxGunpowder the Old version of my system.
After more than a little demand (and after someone showed me the list of all the different brokers who now offer CFDs as a trading option) I decided to resurrect the package just for the MT4 platform, the MT4 will be ready soon.


But You Know What? Maybe The Naysayers Are Right. But The Need To Test New Version

Maybe I have come up with some devious way to screw everyone out of their money.  Maybe you should just forget everything I’ve told you so far and just move on.
But before you do, let me walk you through how this trading method works, and then you can decide for yourself if this is as legitimate as I say it is.
In other words, you don’t have to believe me.
But you believe your own eyes, don’t you?
Take a look at this chart.



This is our Pure Price Action Manual System, all you need is to get training on how to use it, or get the EA and do auto trading.



Are You Still With Me? Good. So Here’s The Deal…

I want this to be the best buying experience you’ve ever had in Forex, so I am going to make this as easy on you as I possibly can.

  • First, you get the GTSystem trading method. GTSystem Enhanced is a set of 3 indicators (3 Types Of S&R Trend, Meter Trend and CCI Signal) which are optimized for trading CFDs. It operates on the mt4 chat, so you also get the best GTSystem generator I’ve ever used to create these charts in the MT4 trading environment. Load the indicators into the platform, open mt4 and load the System! You are in business. Now it’s a matter of waiting for the GTSystem Signal indicator to align with the Trend of the market (and when trading the CFD charts when the market is open, your wait won’t be long at all!) and you will be ready to start knocking out one winning trade after another.
  • Finally, you'll get my personal EA or Robot to use as a reminder for how to successfully trade this method. They say that Pilots make the best Forex traders because they are used to doing everything by Checklists, which they use as memory prompts. Simply follow the simple rules as outlined by the checklist and you'll start seeing most of your trades effortlessly turn into winners.

Act Now Before the 100 packages will be sold out!!!
But if you act now and are one of the lucky 100 who know a good thing when they see it and grab the GTSystem package during this limited offer, you’ll only pay $299 for the entire package.  There is a better than excellent chance that if we decide to open up this offer again in the future (once we know we aren’t flooding the markets with sharp, in-the-know traders) the price will likely jump up to at least $2000 or more.
So this really is about the only chance I can guarantee you’ll get the entire package for just $299.
But if you read this letter and look for the Buy Now button and it’s gone, well, you missed out.
Sorry about that.
But I can’t be any more serious than I am right now about there only being 100 of these packages available.  I trade these markets every day just like you will when you decide to join me, and I am not going to hurt my (or your) chances to keep skimming easy money off my Forex broker just to sell a few more software packages.
So if the Buy Now button is missing, add your name to my mailing list (the sign-up form will be where the Buy Now button used to be) and keep an eye out for any announcements from me a few months from now.


Which Do You Want, Door #1, Door #2 or Door #3?

So now you’ve reached a point where you have to make a decision, and the way I see it, you have three options:
Do nothing.  Walk away.  Hope that somehow you become gifted with the skills and knowledge necessary to become a successful CFD trader virtually overnight (SPOILER ALERT: Sorry, but that ain’t gonna happen).
Click the Buy Now button below and get Instant Access to the entire package for just $299.
At just $299 (which includes a full month of live Trade Room access where you can ask us anything about trading this method and get as much personal guidance as you need to be successful) this is not going to take long before we hit the 100 sales limit and I close this page down for a while.
Now, before you decide you need to understand that whatever decision you land on really isn’t going to have any real impact on my life one way or another.
But the consequences could be monumental for you.
Imagine trading CFDs every day, first banking tens or even hundreds of dollars, and a few weeks later banking a thousand dollars or more on each successful trade.
Can you even begin to imagine how great your life could become if you regularly had that kind of money flowing in off just a few minutes of work each day?


Guess What Happens If You Pass On This Once In A Lifetime Chance?

In a word, nothing.
Nothing happens.
Worse yet, nothing changes for you.
You'll keep sitting for hours in front of your charts, getting trapped time and time again by choppy price action that looks like it is setting up for a good trade but in reality is just teasing you into taking a trade you'll end up regretting within minutes.


Life Is About Making Choices. And Now It’s Time For You To Choose.

So if you choose to start taking advantage of your broker for a change and open up a consistent stream of income that moves straight into your trading account, agree to the terms and conditions below and then click the Buy Now button to get immediate access to the only FX CFD training package you will ever need.
And I will see you on the inside (and in the Trade Room).


  1. No Refunds.  In the event you receive a copy of the software that is defective or which will not display properly on your computer or trading platform, we will provide a replacement copy free of charge.  But due to the rampant fraud that exists in this industry where individuals buy and then refund without good cause, only to turn around and sell our work product through pirate websites, we will no longer offer any sort of free trial or refund period.  Please be 100% certain you want to use this software because once you buy it, you own it.
  2. Buying a copy of any software or other training material from this website does not give you the right to resell the software or material for your own profit.  If you wish to become an affiliate and get paid for marketing this product, click the Affiliate link at the bottom of the page and apply through our website or Send email to our Support Team.  Any other sort of sales or marketing outside of an approved affiliate is strictly prohibited.

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